The Bardekova in 2012

oboeThe Bardekova Ensemble played Mozart at

Temple Beth El, City Island NY

Rondo from the Mozart Oboe Quartet in F K. 370

Rondo from the Mozart Oboe Quartet in F K. 370, watch and listen to the Performance on youtube

The Mozart Oboe Quartet is a one of his most amazing pieces. For the first time in music he writes in 6/8 time for the string and 4/4 time signatures for the oboe. The oboe is playing 8 even notes at the same time that the strings are playing 3 even notes This is called a polyrhythm. It is not music for parrots. It is 2 contrasting rhythms. The piece is perfect with the perfect use of oboe range. The piece was written at the time for a new oboe that was invented. It was written for one of the greatest virtuosos of the oboe of that time. The first movement is charming. The second movement is full of emotion. Mixing love with pain and joy. It starts with the strings playing the opening theme while the oboe sneaks in from the softest dynamic with an intense crescendo as the movement evolves. The 3rd movement is very happy. It is filled with joy. It also has the unusual rhythm that I mentioned at the beginning of the blog. It is the only oboe quarter written by Mozart. It is more like a Concerto. It’s form, melody are sheer perfection.

Ellen Bardekoff